I will never take this bangle off. My sons’ names, engraved inside this perfect silver circle, make me happy every day.
— Katie

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"I make jewellery that hold memories. I think of life as a story. We all have chapters or moments that we need to hold on to." Oriana



When I design I take inspiration from the life stories of those around me. I imagine a whole lifetime of moments distilled into the fabric of each piece of jewellery.

Texture is hugely important in my designs, which is why I work by hand. When we wear jewellery we build a relationship with each piece by touching it, holding it, wearing it, and that informs every blow of my hammer and every scrape of my file.

You can see my current collection here.


Working on bespoke commissions is one of the most rewarding parts of my craft.

For me jewellery is so much more than adornment. It’s my belief that metals like silver and gold can absorb intention and even emotions. So I feel privileged to collaborate with people on bespoke jewellery projects that celebrate love, friendship, symbolise family ties or mark a moment in their lives.

Past commissions include remodelling family heirlooms, creating personalised pieces with family members’ initials or names stamped within, and of course designing perfect, unique, unforgettable gifts.

If you would like to collaborate on a bespoke jewellery project, please get in touch - I’d love to hear from you!


I offer a range of workshops for small groups. My workshops are designed to suit complete beginners and we can make anything from a ‘magic’ silver bean to a bespoke ring. Please follow me on Instagram or Facebook to learn where and when my next workshop will be. Or call me to organise your own private workshop, perfect for bonding with friends and hens.

My workshops are always relaxed and fun, and we can even order lunch from local caterer Seven Sisters’ Spices!

My number is 07723 310 545 - call me!